Our Rooms


The Toddler Side is made up of different learning areas as well as space for quiet time.

The Main Play Room –  This room is full accessible to all children and they are able to access many different toys and activities of their own choosing. It has a messy area to let their creative side out, a role play and small world area to explore their imagination, a cosy quiet area filled with books and plenty of toys, games and puzzles to stimulate them.

The Toddler Room and the Baby Room have their own joint outside play area, which has been designed for the children to explore, develop and enhance their learning through play in the outside environment.


The Pre-School side is made up of 3 rooms, which are free flowing and fully accessible to all the children.

The inside area is made up of 3 rooms which are, the Jungle Room, Art Room, and the Gruffalo Room.

The Jungle Room – This is the imaginative play area, which has Role Play, Small World and many more activities in it.

Art Room – This is the Creative and Messy play area.

The Gruffalo Room – This is the quieter room, which has the book corner in and also we play group games in this room.

We also have an amazing outside area, which has the great benefit of having half the play area being under cover, this allows the children to fully access the play area all year round. The outside play area has been designed to cover all 6 areas of development. We also have a vegetable patch to encourage the children to grow their own vegetables and learn about healthy eating.


The Baby Room is fully accessible to all children with different areas to explore. All toys and objects are at the children’s level to allow for easy access.

The room is split into different areas which consumes of a cosy area with an array of books to have some quiet time, a small world area that is regularly updated which introduces role play as well to develop their understanding of the world. There is a sensory area in place to allow for opportunity to explore all senses and the messy and create area aids the children’s creative side.

There is a Sleep Room attached to the Baby Room, this provides the children a safe and secure place to sleep. As well there is a Milk Room where we can prepare bottles in a sterilised and clean environment, we are able to store formula, milk and bottles.


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